Saturday, October 22, 2016

Episode 79: THE FROGS

Listen to a story of self-love this week while Caroline and Jeff talk about the Frogs! These brothers teach us about life and love and sexual deviancy, and there's nothing better than that. Also in this episode: Politics, am I right people, impressions, and more!
Albums discussed in this episode:
-The Frogs (1988)
-It's Only Right and Natural (1989)
-Racially Yours (Recorded 1990-1993, released 2000)
-My Daughter the Broad (1996)
-Bananimals (1999)
-Hopscotch Lollipop Sunday Surprise (2001)

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  1. So glad I found this out of all the other links when I searched for it this morning. I will definitely share this with my family and friends who have been looking for this since a few weeks!