Friday, May 13, 2016


Tensions run high and friendship is tested on our Skullflower episode. Bonehead drone or rock as ritual? You decide! One thing is for sure, we may disagree on Skullflower, but we both love films.

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  1. "Same lack of talent and vision" ?

    You mean like inventing drone / stoner rock years before anybody else?

  2. I'm not gonna totally write this show off just because this episode was so terrible, but wow, after hearing the whole thing, I'm not sure either of you get this band at all. The show started off good, and I was gratified to hear Caroline sticking up for those awesome early classics like IIIrd Gatekeeper, but some of the later records that both you trashed are absolutely amazing, including FOPC!

    I also want to point out that you can't just "shit this stuff out", and it reveals a profound lack of understanding of the genre to think that you can.

    Obviously I know that this kind of music isn't for everyone, so this conclusion that "it sucks, there's nothing there" isn't a shock, but it still made for an annoying listen that didn't have to be.

    If this is your first exposure to Skullflower: He's wrong. This band is great, full stop. Matthew Bower's other projects are also excellent.

    Some unrelated feedback: a tighter edit on (some - not all) of the off topic discussion would have made for a more listenable show, there's probably 20-30 minutes you could have cut that would have greatly improved the pacing for a first time listener.