Saturday, February 27, 2016


Caroline and Jeff dive into the ether (or something) with My Bloody Valentine! Put the kids to bed, it gets a little blue. And Caroline gets combative.

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  1. I don't know if it's just me, it seems like none of the episode links have been working for a week or so. This prevents downloading episodes on iTunes, and seems to affect the embedded player too.

  2. sorry to hear that! i can't figure out what the issue is, i don't think anybody else has had it.

  3. My Bloody Valentine were never on my radar in the late 80s/90s, and I was someone who was aware and listening to alternative/indie stuff at that time. They slipped through the cracks for me. I didn't hear "Loveless" until six years ago. My feelings it are about the same as your's. I like a lot, but don't love it. Somewhat impressive guitar sonics aside, it's hardly without precedent. I hear a blend of "Psychocandy" and early Cocteau Twins. To me, "m b v" sounds like disc 2 of a "Loveless" reissue (outtakes and b-sides), and if I listen to it with that in mind, it's not bad.

  4. I've always considered Isn't Anything to be far better than Loveless. The primary reason is because the songs are better - You Never Should, You're Still in a Dream, Lose My Breath, Suisfine, etc. I appreciate they're not the most buskable, verse/chorus/middle 8 classic arrangement jobs ever written - but to my ears they have far more memorable parts than most of Loveless (Soon not withstanding).

    But - maybe more importantly - Isn't Anything has so much more character. Attitude. Personality. Loveless is the well-dressed kid that never says much to anyone. Isn't Anything talks to everyone - doesn't always make much sense, but makes up for it with enthusiasm and effort.

    Also - and this needs to be emphasised - Isn't Anything has a rhythm section. Animal from the muppets on drums and an actual living breathing person playing the bass - a person who's enjoyed JJ Burnel, Hooky, Dee Dee etc. etc. Whereas Loveless has no rhythm section to speak of, really. Just this woefully monochromatic metronomic meh.

    I think all I'm really trying to say is you don't have to be some try-hard deliberately awkward dingus to think Loveless is a bit pants compared to Isn't Anything. The latter has loads more experimental guitar stuff happening. It's basically more innovative. In a lot of ways. So I think almost by any useful criterion Isn't Anything can make a stronger claim than a lot of people think. True, it sounds like a bag of ramshackle shite - that snare for instance. Makes Grant Hart sound John Bonham. But it's not a record you have to slave over before the quality comes through.